About Law Enforcement Officers Weekend

During the fall of 2014, Police Officer Austin Glickman came up with the idea of Law Enforcement Officers Weekend (LEO Weekend) while he was a police recruit in the New York City Police Academy. At the time, the first of many “racially profiled” incidents occurred throughout the country with the police-involved deaths of Eric Gardner and Michael Brown. Although these incidents were completely justified, they sparked a biased and deadly movement against law enforcement officers which continues to last to this day. As each week passed, media outlets specifically highlighted new police-involved incidents which added fuel to the fire, growing the hatred against law enforcement to an all-time high.


Over the next 3 years, elected officials in our local, state and federal government turned a blind eye to the issue, allowing a small group of the general public to take hold of the media and spread their lies and hatred. Shootings and attacks against law enforcement officers spiked, with 135 officers being killed in the line of duty in 2016, 64 of which were shot to death. – Can you imagine going to work everyday, knowing that the media and the government are against you, physical and psychological attacks were at peaked levels, and that no matter what you do during the performance of your duty, you’d be judged in a negative capacity? The stress that this put on every member of law enforcement was astonishing. The jobs of a law enforcement officers are already hard and stressful, now couple those stress levels with this ongoing “movement” and you have a recipe for disaster.

Stress plays a major factor in our mental and physical health. Law enforcement officers need to take time away from work to enjoy themselves, their family and their friends. With that in mind, Austin developed the idea to create a 3 day event, in which active and retired officers, their friends and their family members could come together from across the country and Canada, and be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful, relaxing places on earth, Lake George, New York. – A three day event which would allow attendees to relax, unwind, compete in friendly competitions, educate themselves in law enforcement related seminars, partake in nightlife activities, pay their respects to fallen officers and above all, have fun in a family friendly, outdoor environment.


After approaching the Mayor of Lake George, Robert (Bob) Blais, New York State Corrections Officer John (Dave) Linehan, as well as a handful of other elected government officials, local business owners, the Lake George Chamber of Commerce and all of the surrounding law enforcement agencies, Austin’s dream of creating such an event became a reality. Law Enforcement Officers Weekend was born. With amazing support from our committee and community partners, LEO Weekend was able to secure needed funding to not only get this event off the ground, but to also start a charitable, not-for-profit, 501c3 organization.

Our Mission

Our Mission is Simple: To Support Law Enforcement Families Affected by a Line of Duty Death or Serious Injury; By Providing A Weekend Getaway With Their Blood & Blue Families of Active & Retired Law Enforcement Officers from across the United States.