Since our inaugural event in May of 2017, Law Enforcement Officers Weekend Inc. has had the honor and privilege of working with law enforcement agencies and their families from across the United States.

From our flagship weekend getaways to private events, motorcycle rides to professional sporting events, holiday toy distributions to ballistic equipment donations, our organization’s mission continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Below is an on-going, current list of families and agencies we’ve worked with thanks to our sponsors, donors and charitable donations from people like you!

Bahamas Cruise

Family of Det. Brian Simonsen
NYPD 2023

Family of Det. Jason Seals
Jersey City PD 2023

Family of Ofc. Jorge Alvarado
Salinas California PD 2023

Family of Ofc. Noah Rainey
Carroll County Indiana Sheriff’s Office 2023

Family of Ofc. Sierra Burton
Salinas California PD 2023

Lake George, NY

Deputy Chief James Molloy
NYPD 2017

Trooper Brian Falb
New York State Police 2017

Sergeant Paul Tuozzolo
NYPD 2018

Detective Miosotis Familia
NYPD 2018

Officer Natalie Corona
Davis California Police 2019

Trooper Covel Pierce
New York State Police 2019

Officer Samuel Jiminez
Chicago Police 2019

Officer Greggory Casillas
Pomona California Police 2019

Key Biscayne, Miami

Officer Breann Leath
Indianapolis Police 2021

Officer Jason Knox
Houston Police 2021

Officer Aubrey Johnson, Jr.
Miami Police 2021

Officer Anthony Dia
Toledo Police 2021

Inv Farrah Burdette Godwin Turner
Florence Cty Sheriff’s Office, SC 2021

Sergeant Terrance Carraway
Florence Police, SC 2021

Officer Matthew Gerald
Baton Rouge PD 2022

Officer Richard Holland
NYPD 2022

Long Beach, NY

Detective Brian O’Donnell
NYPD 2020

Officer George Day
Nassau County, NY Police 2020

Officer Peter Siano III
Port Authority of NY/NJ Police 2020

Officer Jesse Hartnett
Philadelphia Police 2021

Officer Paulie Lewis
Weare, NH Police 2021

Detective Bryan Cooper
Nye County Sheriff’s Office, NV 2021

Officer Urbano Rodriguez
Denton, TX Police 2021

Officer Nicole Moore
Nassau County, NY Police 2021

K9 Officer Billy Cushing
Braintree MA, PD 2022

Detective Dominick Libretti
NYPD 2022

Detective Dalsh Veve
NYPD 2022

Special Agent Christopher Harper
FBI 2022

Officer Ashley Ferris
Lakewood CO, PD 2022

Officer Denise Bruce-Jones
Phoenix PD 2023

Officer Dan Doherty
Manchester NH 2023

Trooper Mickael Nunez
Maine State Police 2023

Officer Fernanda Ballesteros
Chicago PD 2023

Officer Paul Cozzolino
NYPD 2023

Special Events

Officer Kevin Lee
NYPD 2019

Officer Samuel Wilson
Jersey City Police 2019

Officer Juan Feliciano
NYPD 2019

Officer Steven Tursellino
Port Authority of NY/NJ Police 2019

Officer John Vierling
NYPD 2019

Officer Arthur Lopez
Nassau County, NY Police 2019

Detective Lou Alvarez
NYPD 2021

Officer Charles Salaway
New York State Police 2021

Honorary Sergeant Isaac Pruitt
NYPD 2022

Detective Hector Nunez
Nassau County Police 2022

Officer Lawrence Guarnieri
Port Authority of NY & NJ 2022

Detective Anthony DiNardo
Jersey City Police 2022

Officer Edwin Hernandez
Suffolk County Police 2022

Private Events and/or Assistance

Family of Detective Anthony Botta
NYPD 2018

Officer Marc St. Arromand
NYPD 2019

Detective Raymond Abear
NYPD  2020

Sergeant Ariel Benities
Philadelphia School Police 2020

Officer Christopher Wells & Family
NYPD 2020

Officer Joseph Murphy & Family
NYPD 2020

Detective Anastasio Tsakos
NYPD 2021

Sergeant Marciano & Family
Nassau County, NY Police 2021

Officer Roberts & Family
Nassau County, NY Police 2021

Detective Karousos & Family
Glen Cove, NY Police 2021

Officer Tim Thrane & Family
Suffolk County, NY Police 2021

Officer Mark Bressack
NYPD 2022

Officer Michael D’Agostino
NYPD 2022

Ballistic Equipment Donations

Haubstadt Police
Indiana 2019

South Pekin Police
Illinois 2020

Liberty Township Police
Pennsylvania 2020

Ashland Police
Missouri 2020

Bee County Sheriff’s Office
Texas 2020

Penbrook Police
Pennsylvania 2022

Waverly Police
Ohio 2022

Estherwood Police
Louisiana 2022

Yauco Municipal Police
Puerto Rico 2022

Agencies/Departments/Precincts Fed During COVID-19 Outbreak (2020/2021)

Over 3,000 Officers Fed!

US Customs & Border Protection, JFK Airport

Nassau County Police Department 4th Precinct

Nassau County Police Department 3rd Precinct

Nassau County Police Department 1st Precinct

Nassau County Deputy Sheriff’s Office

Nassau County Sheriff’s Department

Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office

Suffolk County Police Department 2nd Precinct

New York City Police Department 101st Precinct

New York City Police Department 88th Precinct

New York City Police Department 78th Precinct

New York City Police Department 30th Precinct

New York City Police Department 17th Precinct

New York City Police Department 13th Precinct

New York City Police Department 1st Precinct

New York State Police, Troop L

Port Authority of NY/NJ Police, JFK Command

Port Authority of NY/NJ Police, Bus Terminal

Metropolitan Transit Authority (NY) Police

Elmhurst Hospital Police

City of Long Beach (NY) Police Department

Rockville Center (NY) Police Department

Malverne (NY) Police Department

Lynbrook (NY) Police Department

Sands Point (NY) Police Department

Garden City (NY) Police Department

Glen Cove (NY) Police Department

Port Washington (NY) Police Department

Old Brookville (NY) Police Department

Oyster Bay Cove (NY) Police Department

New Providence (NJ) Police Department

Carrol County (MD) Sheriff’s Office

FDNY EMS Station 46

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