Anthony Cuevas


Anthony Cuevas started his career in Emergency Services in 1996 as a Firefighter and EMT on Long Island, New York. He rose through the ranks to Chief of Department for the City of Long Beach Fire Department in the months following Super Storm Sandy in 2012. Anthony was a 9/11 first responder and in addition, a recipient of a Silver Medal of Valor from Nassau County, one of the highest honors. The Silver Star Commendation was awarded to Anthony for a life-saving rescue he completed of a mother and her child from their burning home.

In 2010, Anthony was sworn in as A Nassau County Sheriff to start his career in Law Enforcement. Anthony is a member of F.O.P Lodge 69 and also works as an independent contractor as a Safety Officer for Incident Management Solutions.

“When approached to join the LEO Weekend Board, I didn’t think twice about accepting. To work with this team of dedicated volunteers is an HONOR. The time and effort that goes into organizing and planning events for the families of our fallen and injured is tiresome but well worth it. We must not forget our fallen, but most of all we must not forget the loved ones of who were left behind. LEO Weekend’s goal is to support our brothers and sisters in blue at a time of need and give them a little bit of normalcy… and for that, I’m all in.”

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for another .”