Christopher Koehle


Christopher Koehle comes from a large family of law enforcement, with family representing the NYPD, Nassau County PD, New York State Troopers, Vermont State Troopers and Nassau County District Attorney’s Office.

Chris started his emergency services career as a Long Beach Lifeguard and then served as a Professional Firefighter/ Paramedic for the City of Long Beach Fire Department before being sworn in as a Nassau County Police Officer. He is currently assigned to the Bureau of Special Operations and previously worked in the 1st Precinct, Uniondale Post 107. This Post was particularly special, as it was once worked by Nassau County Police Officer Arthur “Artie” Lopez whom was killed in the Line of Duty on October 23, 2012. Artie’s sister, Charo, is a big supporter of our organization and attends events on a monthly basis.

“I felt a great honor to work Artie’s car and it was especially an honor to meet Artie’s sister, Charo Lopez, who is now an Executive Support Member with LEO Weekend. I believe having the support of your family is the most important factor in order to be an effective Police Officer and to cope with the stresses of the job. Without the support of my family I could never do what I do everyday. I believe in the mission of LEO Weekend because we all need a break to have some fun. Not just the cops, but the families of cops too. Families of officers are effected by the profession just as much as the officer themselves. Officers need to support the families of our fellow LEOs. It is our duty to care for the families who’ve been affected by injured or killed in the Line of Duty.”