Darren Brennan


Darren Brennan joins Law Enforcement Officers Weekend with approximately 25 years of experience in emergency services. Throughout his career, Mr. Brennan has worked as a New York City Police Officer, New York City Firefighter, a Special Deputy United States Marshal and a Police Officer for a department on Long Island. After commencing his careers and attending multiple academies, Mr. Brennan continued his education with postgraduate studies in Social Work, Public Administration, and Business Communication. In addition, Mr. Brennan holds a graduate certificate from Harvard University with a major focus on Grant Writing. Through his education and professional experiences, he has successfully obtained grants procuring emergency service equipment. Furthermore, Mr. Brennan located, coordinated and presented information that culminated with his agency entering into a Joint Law Enforcement Officer Operation with the Federal Government. This joint operation provided significant federal funding, intelligence sharing, training and equipment to be utilized for a common goal in both multi-jurisdictional and agency.

As a police officer, he has had the opportunity to teach numerous seminars on identifying illicit drug use and the proper administration of Naloxone (Narcan) for both local residents and fellow law enforcement officers. As a first responder during the World Trade Center attack, Mr. Brennan has dedicated a tremendous amount of time to helping others that have become ill with 9/11 related conditions.

Additionally, partially due to his Graduate Social Work education and practicum he became a strong proponent of first responders and military personnel experiencing PTSD and/or related conditions receiving necessary treatments and resources to ensure their needs are being met. Mr. Brennan along with Board Members of Law Enforcement Officers Weekend are available and willing to assist law enforcement officers and their families in locating and coordinating necessary resources to meet their individual needs.