Lisa Tuozzolo


Lisa Tuozzolo is the wife of Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo of the New York City Police Department. Sgt. Tuozzolo was shot and killed in Bronx, New York on November 4th, 2016, responding to a domestic incident. Lisa and her husband Paul are the parents to two boys Austin and Joseph now aged 10 & 9. For 22 years, Mrs. Tuozzolo has worked in the educational field teaching and serving as an Assistant Principal in Maryland, New Jersey, and a large school district on Long Island. For over 20 years, Mrs. Tuozzolo has also spent time working for the United States Tennis Association during the US Open, a role wherein she oversees umpires & line judges who partake in the annual event in Queens.

Since her husband Paul was killed in the line of duty, Mrs. Tuozzolo recommitted herself to the new life which was thrust upon her, with a renewed focus on taking care of her children as a single mother, & ensuring Paul’s sacrifice for the city of New York is never forgotten. To that end, Mrs. Tuozzolo uses every opportunity to go around speaking at police department roll calls, academy classes and other venues around the country thanking officers for the service & sacrifices they make every day and to encourage and uplift each and every one of them, in a time when Police Officers may not always get the recognition they deserve.

Over summer of 2018, along with officials from the Town of Huntington where Sgt. and Mrs. Tuozzolo along with their children resided, Mrs. Tuozzolo designed and developed a spray park dedicated to Paul & the NYPD. It is the first known water park in the United States dedicated to a fallen law enforcement officer. Additionally, the World premiere of a music composition entitled Miles of Blue was performed by close to a 200-member student band accompanied by the NYPD Police band. Again, an opportunity to bring joy to our youth and teach a lesson on service and sacrifice. Mrs. Tuozzolo plans to continue to keep the memory of her husband alive & continue to show the men & women of law enforcement that their daily sacrifices matter to our society.

In both 2019 and 2021, Mrs. Tuozzolo participated and completed in the New York City marathon in honor of her late husband while fundraising for a tri state area foundation which provides scholarships for fallen first responder children. Mrs. Tuozzolo’s theme for her runs were Never Alone, Never Forgotten, emphasizing the commitment the NYPD makes to never forgetting their fallen officers as well as always remembering the survivors of such tragedy and “Honor by Living” reiterating the importance of continuing to live life to the fullest while honoring those we have lost. Most recently, Mrs. Tuozzolo participated in The Police Unity Tour; a 300-mile bicycle ride departing from One World Trade and arriving at the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C.

Mrs. Tuozzolo’s activism and commitment to helping others is a lesson she is striving to teach her children. Her life’s work has also taken her career in another direction as a professional and motivational speaker; having had the opportunity to speak around the country for both law enforcement and other professional companies and organizations.

Mrs. Tuozzolo is excited to join the LEO Weekend team and is looking forward to providing for others in similar ways that LEO Weekend has provided for her and her children.